Reaching out, Getting Social

Your application is ready and deployed. Users are registering on your website while mobile users are installing it on their smart-phones.

Whether you’re a socialite and need to tell your followers about every one of your moves, or a serial gamer who needs to post his progress, achievements and scores, your application will have to post to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Which brings us to today’s subject:

Apstrata’s server side scripting brings social networking capabilities to your application.

A simple call like this:“consumer-key”,”consumer-secret”, “access-token”, “access-token-secret”, “How cool is this, I’m posting to twitter from the best BaaS available!”);

and you’re on your way.

Apstrata provides access to all of Twitter’s api, some through first class api calls liketweet and some through a generic call to callApi.“consumer-key”,”consumer-secret”, “access-token”, “access-token-secret”, “VERB”, “twitter-resource”, null);

which provides you with access to any existing/new api provided by Twitter without having to wait for a new implementation from you BaaS provider.

A call like this:“consumer-key”,”consumer-secret”, “access-token”, “access-token-secret”, “GET”, “”, null);

will return a user’s timeline in twitter for further processing on the server side.

While this:“consumer-key”,”consumer-secret”, “access-token”, “access-token-secret”, “GET”, “”, null);

will return an oAuth signed url which, when called from the application’s front-end, will return the same user’s time line.

Want to duplicate these tweets and post them on your facebook’s wall? Just switch apis and use:[callApi | getApiCall]

For detailed info about

  • creating your twitter/facebook developer account
  • getting permissions from users to access their accounts
  • calling all apis
  • the authentication / permission flow

check the following links

Also, check our website / facebook page for updates and new releases for upcoming support of new networks like linkedIn and YouTube.

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