Apstrata Sponsors NYC Startup Weekend

Apstrata was glad to have sponsored the NYC Startup Weekend event that ran over 54 hours from June 21st-23rd.  After hearing 50+ startup ideas on Friday night the 220+ registered attendees voted to select 12 projects and broke into teams.  The rest of the weekend was spent building demos, validating the business ideas with potential customers, and preparing and fine tuning the 4 minute presentations.

On Saturday there were API breakout sessions that included Apstrata, American Express and the micro payment service Venmo.  In between the work and learning innovative business ideas were shared, pondered, and vetted and new relationships were formed. The Startup Weekend organizers, staff and volunteers did a great job hosting the event and the startup co-working space at Alley NYC was an ideal venue.

We were happy to be a part of the event and excited to show all of the people who attended our breakout session and spoke with one on one how much time and effort can be saved building mobile and web apps by using Apstrata for your back-end.

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