Apstrata’s Server-Side Scripts

July 8, 2013

Server-side scripting is another cool feature of Apstrata. It allows any developer to add back-end logic to his/her applications while leveraging the power of Apstrata’s API. In addition to this, Apstrata’s server-side scripting capability provides the developers with other advantages:

  • No deployment and configuration efforts: the scripts are written in JavaScript and all that is needed is to upload them to your Apstrata account,
  • Multi tenancy: since you can deploy multiple scripts for different client applications,
  • Built-in security: as we will see it shortly, you can leverage Apstrata’s authentication and authorization (ACLs) in your scripts, which gives you control on who can read/edit or run your scripts,
  • Background jobs: you can ask for asynchronous execution of your scripts, scheduling them to run at specific times or intervals,
  • Orchestration: you can factor out the logic to coordinate (orchestrate) the execution of multiple services (Apstrata APIs or any other web service and or server-side scripts) and build your own APIs through Apstrata server-side scripts. Read more