Push Notifications in Apstrata

July 9, 2013

Sending notifications to mobile devices has become a fundamental part of many applications. As a developer, you can leverage Apstrata to easily push notifications to mobile devices running on different platforms (iOS, Android) through a consistent interface. This article will explain how you can do this in a step by step approach. Before we proceed however, let us agree on the definition of some terms that will be used throughout the article:

  • A notification is a message that is sent to one or many mobile devices, through a notification service.
  • A notification service is a middle man that sits between a notification provider and mobile devices that run applications that accept notifications sent by the notification provider.
  • A notification provider is a software application that pushes notifications to mobile devices (more specifically, to applications deployed on mobile devices).
  • A mobile application is an application that is downloaded to a mobile device, which will receive the notifications you push. Read more